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Glow & Go Facial

Everyone loves a facial, but sometimes you don’t have the time for a full spa experience. Enter our newest treatment, the Glow & Go Facial! The name says it all. This express service will leave your skin absolutely glowing in under half an hour!

What is the Glow & Go?
Glow & Go is a 25 minute service and is perfect for when you just want your skin to glow! Ideal for special events. First we use the Nuface microcurrent device to tone and tighten skin. Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and provides both instant AND cumulative anti-aging results! The Nuface sends gentle, painless waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles, firming instantly. Next your skin gets a dose of LED light therapy from the Dr. Gross Spectralite mask. This FDA cleared mask smooths wrinkles, diminishes discoloration, and clears acne! Red lights penetrate deep within the skin to stimulate collagen production. Blue lights destroy bacteria to reduce redness, inflammation, and prevent breakouts. We finish with the Laflore Probiotic Serum and Earthsavers physical sunscreen. The Laflore Serum uses live probiotics to calm the skin, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, and boost the skin’s natural defense system. It’s aloe-based and contains a hydrating blend of plant oils and protective antioxidants. The Earthsavers Physical SPF ensures your glowing skin is protected from sun exposure!

When can I get it?
The Glow & Go is available at all Earthsavers locations and is performed in the makeup area! Call to book yours today!