Relax + Wax with the Pros

Relax + Wax with the Pros


Relaxing may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of waxing, but at Earthsavers we make sure that every wax includes details to help make these services as calming as can be. We are told constantly that our waxing services are truly spa-like! Read on to see what sets us apart!


  1. The Best Wax: We use the best waxes available and we choose the perfect nourishing pre and post-wax products for each client’s skin type. For body waxing we use a zinc oxide wax, which is one of the most gentle soft waxes for larger areas. Zinc has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is great for sensitive skin. For facial waxing we use two types of hard wax, both specially formulated to soothe skin! Our purple wax is made with chamomile and lavender and our pink wax uses zinc (just like our body wax!). Before facial waxing we apply an oil to buffer the skin and help ease any discomfort. Afterwards we apply a soothing lotion made with Tea Tree oil, this lotion have antibacterial properties and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.


  1. Meticulous Technique: At Earthsavers you can relax because you’re in the hands of a pro! All our estheticians are trained to give you the most flawless wax. Say goodbye to stray hairs and hello to perfectly shaped brows and silky smooth legs! Our estheticians are also trained in techniques to make waxing as pain-free as can be. We always make sure to apply pressure to the waxed area after pulling to lessen the sting!


  1. The Most Relaxing Environment: When it comes to relaxing it’s all in the details. When you enter our service rooms you’ll notice calming aromatherapy products being diffused and ambient spa music easing your stress away. Each of the waxing tables are heated to add a soothing element during your service helping you to really disconnect from your hectic day.


  1. Tried and True: Did you know we are regularly voted best waxing services in Gambit’s yearly “Best Of New Orleans” Issue? This recognition means the world to us, because it comes from the people who really matter, our clients! We love that you can visit any one of our estheticians and get the same great service!


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