earthsavers gift cards

earthsavers gift cards is the easiest gift of all! they can be used to purchase spa services or products at any of our store locations as well as online. you will receive a beautiful  card with a full menu of services. the cards must be presented at an earthsavers store by the service recipient as payment for the service.

we are also so excited to now offer a full menu of beautifying services through earthsavers beauty bar next to our lakeside location. our beauty bar is staffed with professional make up artists who can enhance your look in an instant! whether you need help picking out beauty products and makeup perfect for your skin tone or applying lashes, we are here. we can transform your look with individual lash extensions to brighten the eyes or microblading, a semi-permanent treatment that gives you the brows of your dreams.

Click HERE for an E-Card or Purchase a Mailed gift cared HERE.

stop by one of our stores today or purchase online now!