For over 25 years, Earthsavers Spa and Store has advocated the idea of beauty from the inside out by offering products and services at their three locations in the New Orleans area.

At Earthsavers, we believe that feeling “okay” isn’t good enough; feeling great, vibrant, alive should be the norm, not the exception. And to help you on this path, we offer all the information and products you need to care for not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. Because we know that if your body is cared for, if your mind is stimulated, and if your spirit is renewed, then you are ready to be fully “alive.”

Our sole purpose is to take care of you-all of you. We call it the Earthsavers Experience. And even though you may not be able to visit one of our stores, we think you’ll find our website will give you clear guidance on the path to wellness and beauty. No matter what you’re seeking-information, guidance, or products-we’re here to help you find it. So come explore the Earthsavers lifestyle with us.

Be well.
Karen Adjmi and Jackie Palumbo, Co-Founders


It’s hard to capture the essence of Earthsavers online, but there are a couple of important things we want you to know about us.

First, we have a therapeutic approach to services. Our services are administered in a calming, peace filled atmosphere with special attention to music, light and scent. All are designed to promote a state of relaxation.

Second, our service providers are extensively trained in the Earthsavers method and continually trained to assure you the highest quality of service each time you come in.

Earthsavers has a full menu of therapeutic services including manicure, pedicure, massage, reflexology, spa services, and waxing. For more information, visit our spa page.

State of Louisiana Massage Therapy License #2329


One of the reasons that people love our spa services is because of the EarthSavers products that we have formulated for them. Our clients told us that they had to have these products at home, so we created our Earthsavers face and body line. Once you use these products you will love them as much as we do.

We choose the most highly-evolved ingredients for our products and use botanically derived components whenever possible. We are meticulous about ensuring that the entire Earthsavers line is packed with the purest, most effective ingredients: all are mineral oil free and 100% naturally fragranced with essential oils, the most powerful healers of the body and spirit.

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