Miracle Gel - Earthsavers Spa + Store

Every once in a while we come across a product that is truly life changing. A product that offers a range of benefits and delivers results you can see. We want to introduce you to The Gel. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before!

What is it?
The Gel is a product of Eastern wisdom & Western science. The Gel is a unique blend of cesium salts and homoeopathic medicines that can relieve pain and help to heal a range of conditions, including cuts, burns and skin conditions. It’s made with natural & pure ingredients and based on revolutionary research that has proven the power of acupuncture can be activated without needles.

How does it Work?
When using The Gel your bodies own healing system is stimulated at a deep level, rejuvenating cells from the inside out. When used under moisturizer The Gel offers unparalleled renewal and anti-aging benefits. Skin will appear firmer and toned. People have reported that The Gel is amazing as a pain reliever and can promote healing on almost any injury or condition imaginable. From sunburn to acne The Gel can help. Most importantly it cannot hurt.

What People are saying:
Shelly, a friend of Earthsavers and two time breast cancer survivor, has used The Gel throughout her treatment and the results have made her advocate for this product. Her nurses and doctors were amazed at how well her skin healed. She credits The Gel for her skin’s resilience; she even gave a jar to her nurse to use on her child’s diaper rash, and it helped to heal the baby’s skin almost instantly!

Our owner Jackie recently discovered The Gel’s power after burning her hand while cooking. It immediately took away the stinging and made the redness and irritation fade completely. “It is so healing and soothing. It’s remarkable!”

Seeing is believing. Call or come in to learn more about The Gel or to pick up your first jar!