3 proven ways to improve celluliteChances are if you don’t have cellulite you know someone who does. While we are all for celebrating your body and loving yourself, we definitely understand wanting to address your not-so-favorite areas. So, what is cellulite? It’s caused by fat cells below the skin pressing against connective tissue, which causes the skin to look dimpled. There are many factors that can cause cellulite, including hormones, poor diet, age, a decline in collagen and genetic predisposition. When it comes to cellulite size doesn’t matter, all shapes and sizes can have it, an estimated 90% of women! While there isn’t a “cure”, there are steps you can take to dramatically minimize the appearance and help you feel better instantly!

  1. Pay Attention to Your Diet: You create yourself everyday when choosing what to put in your body. Make sure to avoid processed foods, eating these can cause water retention which leads to cellulite looking more noticeable. Now is also the time to cut back on unnecessary sugars, like those found in sodas. Eliminating these sugars has been shown to reduce the breakdown of collagen. Collagen helps form connective tissue. If you are lacking in collagen, your connective tissue becomes thin and full of holes allowing the fat under the tissue to show through, giving you those dreaded dimples. Instead fill your diet with fruits and veggies to promote healthy skin. Next, stay hydrated and avoid excess sodium intake. Pro Tip: Swap table salt for himalayan salt, table salt can cause dehydration and worsen the appearance of cellulite!
  2. Exercise: Now is the time to get moving. If you have a desk job make sure you are getting up every 30 minutes to increase your circulation. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day! This will minimize the appearance of cellulite by helping with overall firming and toning.
  3. Supplement: Looking for an extra boost in your search for smoother skin? Try taking Collegenics from Metagenics. This supplement combines amino acids, key minerals including magnesium bis-glycinate, and other nutrients that support healthy connective tissue and promote collagen production.
  4. Target those Dimples! The best way is to improve circulation and stimulate your lymph system. Skin Brushing and massage are perfect for addressing these areas. Before showering, dry brush using a natural bristle brush to make small circular motions working towards your heart for 5-10 minutes each day. If you prefer to do this in the shower we love the Supracor bath mitt. In the bath you can increase circulation by adding 5 drops of our Circulate essential oil blend. Get ready to feel increased circulation fast. This blend uses cypress to rev up your circulation and grapefruit and ylang ylang to stimulate your lymphatic system. Follow up by nourishing your skin with coconut oil or a hydrating lotion!

Bonus: Do you have a special event that you want to look your best for? Try our Seaweed Treatment! This relaxing spa treatment hydrates, tones and detoxifies. Seaweed delivers vitamins and minerals to your skin while breaking up fatty deposits and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

There you have it! Follow these steps and get ready to see smoother skin over time. Have questions? Call or come in to get personalized recommendations from our experts!

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