earthsavers spa treatments: like our massages and facials, every body treatment at earthsavers is a hands-on experience in a peace-filled environment with the utmost attention to detail. you will be pampered from head to toe for every minute of your service. *the magazine street location does not have the facilities to provide this service.

  • the dead sea mud treatment will detoxify and remineralize the skin. excellent for head to toe detoxification while nourishing with minerals from the dead sea. powerful treatment inside and out. 60 minutes. *
  • the honey + almond treatment moisturizes and gently exfoliates leaving skin extremely smooth and soft. excellent for dry skin. 50 minutes*
  • exfoliate intensely. our blend of sea salts are actively massaged uncovering radiant skin. removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. great add on to any massage. 50 minutes*
  • hydrate, tone and detoxify. seaweed delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the skin while breaking up fatty deposits and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 60 minutes*
  • phyto hair treatment gets to the root of healthy hair. phyto's plant based products work magic on your hair and thoroughly cleanse the scalp. an invigorating scalp massage increases blood flow to hair follicles, encouraging growth, shine and volume. 30 minutes
  • enrich

    infuse your body from head to toe with the most nourishing plant extracts and essential oils. includes full body exfoliation, aromatherapy massage and hair treatment, hand + foot massage with repairing body butter. 110 Minutes*