When it comes to skin concerns dark circles tend to top the list. These pesky circles can be difficult! Our philosophy is to address skin issues from the inside out. Eating right and taking targeted supplements is just as important as using quality skin care products. Read on to learn more about the causes of your dark circles and how to deal with them (other than wearing oversized shades)!

Step 1: What Kind of Dark Circles Do You Have?

Blue Circles

These are related to the blood vessels under your eyes. They might appear more visible due to:

  • Lack of Sleep: Not getting enough shut eye causes your body to produce cortisol making vessels swell. Being tired also slows your circulation, adding to the darkness.
  • Allergies: Seasonal or food allergies inflame and swell the blood vessels around the eyes.
  • Thinning skin: As we age we lose fat and collagen causing hallows under the eye.

Brown Circles

These are caused by pigmentation and are common in Asian and African American skin tones. The following enhance the appearance of the darkness:

  • Sun Exposure: The sun causes your body to produce more melanin which increases pigmentation.
  • Eye Rubbing: Tugging at or rubbing the skin under your eyes makes dark circles more noticeable.

*Other possible causes of dark circles include sluggish liver, lack of iron, and genetics.

Step 2: Tips from Chanel, our Licensed Dietitian

Earthsavers Wellness & Dietitian Services

Dark circles can be genetic, but there are changes you can make to help control them. Make sure to get enough sleep, ideally 7-8 hours per night.  Load up on Vitamin K in your diet by eating plenty of dark leafy greens and naturally increase circulation by consuming raw cayenne. If you’re a Diet Coke addict you might want to rethink your next can. The aspartame in diet sodas can make circles worse!

Still struggling with persistent circles? We suggest you:

  • Try an elimination diet or food allergy test to check for any food intolerances.
  • Get enough Iron and B12. Try Metagenics Phytomulti with Iron.
  • Try our 10 day Metagenics Detox to help clear toxins from the body!

Step 3: Products That Work

There are countless creams and serums that promise the world, but don’t deliver. We hand select results driven products with ingredients that really perform. These are some of our favorites to help diminish dark circles:

Circle Out Eye Cream: This multi-peptide eye gel combats dark circles and expression lines around the eyes and nose. Vitamin A helps to build up the delicate skin around your eyes.

True Beauty Eye Cream: Precious Rose stem cells, protective Argan stem cells, peptides, and triple moisture complex helps aging skin around the eyes regenerate and rejuvenate. This luxurious cream provides intense hydration, helping to improve texture and discoloration.

A.G.E. Eye Complex: This silky eye cream is formulated for the delicate eye area with a potent combination of antioxidants and peptides. It also has optical diffusers to diffuse light making eyes appear immediately brighter!

Earthsavers Sunscreen SPF 30: Always use a physical SPF to keep any pigmentation from developing or darkening! Our blend has a silky texture that’s water resistant and won’t easily slide into your eyes.

Come in and let our expert staff help you find the right products for your dark circles!

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