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sometimes the perfect brows can seem out of reach. if you find yourself weary of the constant filling in with powders, gels, pencils or tinting you’re not alone. enter microblading, a semi-permanent treatment that saves you time, money, and leaves you with the brows of your dreams! microblading services are available at the earthsavers beauty bar located next to earthsavers lakeside.

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what exactly is microblading?

“microblading uses a small disposable tool that has 16-18 very small pins attached to the tip of the handle to naturally and precisely deposit pigment under the skin to enhance the brows. the appointment begins with a mapping guideline. i make a few lines on the face to create the perfect shape. numbing cream is applied and after agreeing on a brow shape and color i artfully create strokes with the tool to mimic a natural brow hair. this service is perfect for those with light brows, sparse areas or anyone wanting a more defined arch and fuller brow.”

what makes earthsavers microblading different?

“our personalized treatment promotes natural looking, flawlessly shaped brows every time. i want you to have the best brow possible. the shape of the brow comes from a mapping process using a ruler to map out each brow to ensure they are equally formed. some women want a full fluffy brow that is deeply shaded and others want a defined brow with a strong arch. whatever your brow preference i want to deliver that result.”

what to know before your service:

“during the consultation several guidelines are discussed to make sure the procedure is effective. these include discontinuing the use of fillers one month prior, refraining from aspirin 7 days prior and alcohol 48 hours prior. any necessary tweezing or waxing should be done 24 hours prior. microblading is a 2-step process. during your first appointment, i will design the shape, color and definition of your brows and then perform the initial treatment. the second step is the follow-up consultation, completed 45-60 days after the initial session. this treatment fills in any areas that have faded and makes color adjustments if needed. your new brows will last anywhere from one to three years depending on your skins ability to retain pigment.”

what about healing and maintenance?

“time to take a quick break from heavy workouts, swimming and saunas! for the first week after your treatment don’t allow the brow area to get wet except for washing once per day. at first your brow color will appear bolder than the final look (which occurs about 30 days after microblading). the entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks. after this you can treat your microbladed eyebrows just like the real deal. we make sure to send you home with all the tips and info you need to ensure your brows stay looking amazing.”

earthsavers hair removal and makeup services: beauty is in the details, from a perfectly arched brow to flawless makeup and healthy hair. we offer an array of services to help you achieve a polished finish. in our serene environment with our highly trained staff, even waxing is relaxing at earthsavers.

gift cards: you will receive a beautiful earthsavers gift card. gift cards must be presented at an earthsavers store by the service recipient as payment for the service.

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