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bath + body – what you put on your body goes into your body. it is so important to choose products with ingredients that are safe and effective. our shower gels are all 100% natural. they are specially formulated with no sulfates, artificial dyes or parabens. why do we do this? 

some parabens are estrogenic, meaning they mimic the function of natural occurring estrogen, which can be harmful to your health. sulfates and artificial dyes can cause skin reactions and sensitivity. we use aromatherapy oils to enhance your experience instead of synthetic fragrances that can be irritating to your skin. 

self care gives you an armor to take on whatever life throws at you, so finding time in your day to focus on yourself is so essential.

  • balance shower gel

    balance shower gel is mild cleanser is formulated with our trademark balance blend of therapeutic essential oils. patchouli soothes the mind and awakens the senses while geranium balances and brightens your mood. great for showering or for a meditative bubble bath. 100% natural. no sulfates, artificial dyes or parabens.
  • circulate shower gel

    circulate shower gel is an invigorating cleanser full of fresh, toxin-fighting essential oils. cypress revs up the circulatory system. grapefruit and ylang ylang smell great and stimulate the lymphatic system - which helps fight cellulite. great for sluggish sallow skin.
  • citrus salt glow is an earthsavers favorite.  exfoliate and invigorate your skin with grapefruit essential oil and sea salt while safflower oil soothes and hydrates.  this amazing smelling and highly effective mix gets the skin glowing like no other product! 100% natural. no sulfates, artificial dyes or parabens.
  • earthsavers condition nail oil blends sweet almond oil with pure essential oils to soothe and hydrate extremely dry or rough areas.  excellent for cuticles, hands, feet and elbows.  an earthsavers favorite. 100% natural. no sulfates, artificial dyes or parabens.