Money Spray - Earthsavers Spa + Store

How would you like to change the energy in your life while attracting positive opportunities?

Our newest product will do just that! Money Spray is an energy infused spray that invites money, opportunity, insight & abundance into your life!

Meet the Creator:
Lillian Shelton began her professional journey over 20 years ago, and is an experienced Reiki Therapist, Rainbow Reiki practitioner, and Intuitive Guide. She created the Money Spray to help her clients achieve healing and lasting change within their lives.

What does Money Spray do?
Money Spray helps clear emotional blocks and stalled energy that many of us struggle with when it comes to money by eliminating fear and anxiety and replacing it with optimism and empowerment.

What to expect when using Money Spray?
The Money Spray helps you feel more motivated to take action towards your financial goals. You may find it easier to focus your attention and achieve clarity in your monetary choices.

How to use Money Spray:

  • Spray on yourself as your day starts or anytime throughout the day when you want to invite opportunity into your life!
  • Mist on objects like bills, your car, computer, etc. to attract positivity or change of energy