Did you know you can change your mood in 20 seconds? Using essential oils can be a powerful experience, but you need to make sure you’re using the right ones.

change your mood in 20 secondsAt Earthsavers we stock 100% natural, therapeutic grade oils that are either organic or wild-crafted. While we carry a great selection of individual oils, like lavender for relaxation, we are also known for our benefit driven blends! Read on to learn more about a few of our favorite blends and find the right mix for you!

Feeling: Stressed, Worn-Out, Anxious

Blend: Relax

This blend uses tangerine, chamomile, neroli/marjoram, rose and lavender to calm and refresh your mind. We love this in a diffuser or on a tissue under your pillow to promote deep sleep.


Feeling: Overstimulated

Blend: Balance

This blend combines patchouli and geranium to awake your senses and brighten your mood. Try spritzing this around your office or on yourself to feel more grounded.


Feeling: Sluggish, Irritable

Blend: Circulate

This blend mixes lemon, cypress, lavender, grapefruit and ylang ylang to improve your mood, increase circulation and blood flow (which can reduce cellulite), purify the air, and detoxify. The best way to use is placing 5-10 drops in a warm bath.

How to Use: All three of these blends are sold in a cobalt blue glass bottle that protects the therapeutic benefits of the oil from light and heat. Each bottle contains over 350 drops to enhance your life. The following blends are also available in easy to use home and body sprays: Rosewater, Relax, Balance, Circulate, Respiration and Rejuvenate. Perfect for use around your home, office or anywhere else you need a boost.

Ready to change your outlook? Stop in to any of our Earthsavers Spa and Store locations for free handouts on how to use essential oils and to find your favorite!


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