Learn about balancing your hormones naturally. Join us for complimentary 30 minutes appointments with Elizabeth Bloom, homeopath, naturopath and creator of Elizabeth Essentials.

Aromatherapy for Hormone Balance - Earthsavers EventsMeet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Bloom has diplomas in homeopathy, naturopathy, and holistic medicine and is the creator of Elizabeth Essentials, a therapeutic essential oil brand. Elizabeth’s wealth of health knowledge is staggering. Her 30+ years of experience enable her to give information on virtually anything from hormonal issues, immune, pain and so much more. Karen Adjmi, owner or Earthsavers, says “Elizabeth has changed my life, I don’t know what I would do without her products, I would not fly without her Immuair. All I can say about Elizabeth essentials is that they work.”

Learn to Incorporate these Oils:

We carry a full line of therapeutic grade individual essential oils as well as Elizabeth Essentials. We make sure you have everything you need to start using these powerful oils. Come speak with our staff about your needs and we can recommend the best oils for you. We also offer free handouts with information and tips! You can also join us for our next event “Let’s Talk Hormones”!

Event Info:

Your chance to meet with Elizabeth Bloom! Elizabeth will be available for complimentary 30 minute appointments to teach you how to naturally balance hormones and address any other health concerns you might have using essential oils. Space is limited so call to reserve appointment now!

Lakeside Event: 12PM-4P Tuesday, September 12th | (504) 835-0225

Magazine Street Event: 12PM-4PM Wednesday, September 13th | (504) 899-8555

Mandeville Event: 12PM-4PM Thursday, September 14th | (985)674-1133